Friday, 24 April 2015



We all knew this last day would be a very special one for all of us because it meant the end of an awesome week full of new experiences, new friends, and new impressions making us getting closer to each other.
We started at 9 o’clock in the morning celebrating the medal ceremony. Everyone from each country went on the stage where we were presented with a medal by the teacher for participating in the project, while the song “We Are the Champions” was making feel us like real winners.  Five people were representing each country by carrying the torch to the stage, and then they all blew out the flame to represent the end of the Olympic games that we had been playing on Wednesday. Then Father Pedro Cabrera gave a speech to thank everyone for coming and taking part in the Comenius project.

Afterwards we all went to the computer rooms to write articles about our week in Gran Canaria and different  topics like fair play, racism, immigration, that are in relation to the 3R’s (Rights, Respect and Responsibility) representing our project.
Finally we were enjoying taking part in a Gymkhana which brought us closer to an African culture.

 BY Lauren Shaul, Marta Gil, José Guillermo Gutiérrez, Isabella Russo and Begoña García.


First we went to the mountains on the coach to visit "El Roque Nublo" ; we had a half an hour hike up the mountain to get to the top. Then we had a break to take pictures, have a snack and cool down from the hot weather. We then walked down the mountain again to get back to the coach. Whilst we were there we were looking at how well we look after our planet. We were looking at how we manage tourism and litter. We took photos as evidence to show what we found.

Then we took the coach to the south of the island to go to Maspalomas beach and we spent time relaxing, eating and having fun in the sea for 40 minutes.
Today we began the Claret International Olympic Games, the 3R's.
First was the opening ceremony in which each country had a student to represent them in the lighting of the tourch. With enthusiasm and seriousness Douglas read the Olympic oath whilst the other students watched from the stands. The first sports taken place were athletics in which torpedo, long jump, 600 metres,80 metres and relay. After the break time it was the swimmers time to take place in the event in the swimming competition, aswell as the football players in the field. Suddenly it was 1:30 pm. The students went for lunch and had free time until 3pm. Then it was the time of the volley and basket ball competition. Now it was time for the Eurovision contest. Every country sang a song about "human rights". We rounded the day with tea time surrounded by colleagues and family with which we ended up the day.
Although the sun was very strong and most of us got burnt, overall we all enjoyed the games that were set up for us. We experienced making new European friends.
We think that this represented the fair playing. The activities proposed were quite difficult but although this, everyone gave their best efforts: there might be three different places, but all of us are winners. To sum up, "where there is a will, there is a way".

Anastasia (IT)
María H. (SP)
Alba (SP)
Lilla (SP)
Lydia (UK)
Charlotte (Holland)
Alf (UK)
We got to school at 8am then got in a coach at 8:30am to ByBike. We then cycled along the sea front with beautiful views, and the police guided us to the science museum where we saw many interesting things such as an aeroplane, vandegaraff generator, planetarium and watched a film in the cinema.

We cycled back to return the bikes and went to San Telmo to have lunch. After lunch we had free time to go around Triana, the main street with all the shops. Then we started the treasure hunt, we had to find the answers to 15 questions and take pictures as proof. At the end of the treasure hunt we went back to San Telmo and went home with our host families.

We had a good active day and we learnt about trying to help our environment without polluting the air, that is why we travelled by bike not car or bus.

Written by: Dan Hurd, Drishti Lalwani, María Morales Del-Nero, Frederike Karthaus, Femke Verheijen and Alejandro Henríquez.